This is a photo series about a studio in Jurain, Dhaka, a commercial area and home to numerous industries. Many who work here strive for a better life but nothing much changes in their world and life continues the same way.
Many of these people in my portraits are factory workers or the unemployed who came from the villages to this rustic city to live their dreams. They love to be photographed at the studio, and to carefully preserve these images forever. Thus I was inspired to build my theme of a Love Studio.
For them, the studio offers a chance to perform any role they want and escape from the reality of their life. The scenic backdrop is versatile where people from all walks of life can become a hero, a king or act out their dreams and hopes. Through my photographs, I wish to present the dreams, hopes, and desires from their unreal world.

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About the Artist
Samsul Alam Helal is a documentary photographer based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He completed his graduation in photography from Pathshala South Asian Media Institute.
His recent work Love Studio depicts the portraits of a working class community where an old studio in Dhaka transforms into a neighbourhood venue to represent the dreams, hopes and desires of the factory workers, their families and unemployed neighbours.
Helal wants to tell the stories of people and especially the groups of minority and the neglected class. Through his photographs, he explores their identity, dreams and longings to raise our curiosity and question.
His work was selected for the Prix Mark Grosset in 2013 and it was also the finalist in IPA Photo Essay 2013. His work has been exhibited at Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, Chobi Mela International Photography Festival 2013, Festival of Promenades Photographiques 2013, 8th Angkor Photo Festival 2012, Delhi Photo Festival 2011, and the Senses Seven at Dhaka Art Centre 2012.