Wei Bi’s birthplace, Meng Xi, is a village north of Hu’nan province which used to be an important pit stop for salt traders heading to the southwest. For him, Meng Xi’s significance lies far beyond a physical dwelling place – it is a womb and sanctuary containing the essence of his life. Through his photographic practice, he recaptures colourful personalities and unforgettable experiences from childhood. Accompanying these images are handwritten accounts of those memories. Like a visual diary, this series represents a time capsule of a generation once innocent and simple. Catharsis eventually surfaces – a soothing of the homesickness of his rural-urban migration.

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About the Artist
Wei Bi (b. 1969, China) is a self-taught artist whose practice is largely autobiographical. He worked at a publishing and printing factory in Shenzhen. Here, he came in contact with photography while overseeing the printing of the renowned and influential Chinese Contemporary Photography magazine 《现代摄. Wei Bi’s first breakthrough as an artist came in 2003 after he gained widespread recognition at the Pingyao International Photography Exhibition. He lives and works in Dalian and continues to participate in international group shows.