This project made in 2009 explores the subject of art models – people who pose naked for money. Unlike fashion models, there are no strict criteria for their physical aesthetics. They could be old, young, thin, fat, short or tall. In most cases, art modelling is not their immediate profession. They could be builders, dancers, athletes or teachers, and modelling is an additional job or hobby. However, for some of them, this could also be their only source of livelihood.

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About the Artist
Reinis Hofmanis is a visual communication student pursuing her Masters at the Latvian Academy of Arts. She has participated in the Erasmu program and studied photography at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hannover. She is a staff photographer in the photo news agency, F64, and also a freelance Artist. In developing her personal projects, she chooses to combine the two aspects of art and photojournalism.