Telik is a common name for TV that emerged as first TVs became available in Soviet Union. The acquisition of a TV set was a milestone for soviet families. Black and white TVs were bought on
credit and were subjects of familiar pride. A TV set was more than a bare commodity – a status symbol, an item of deficit, a portal to the world beyond, a transmitter of state propaganda. Today people manifest their social status in images of global travel or branded items. Once a TV did that

Photographs in this project were gathered in a treasure hunt over numerous flea markets, secondhand shops and online auctions. They reveal a pattern in amateur photography, outlining how we all take same pictures without being taught to do so.

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My First Telik
Anna Pylypyuk & Volodymyr Shypotilnykov


Volodymyr Shypotilnykov

44 pages
21cm x 14.8cm x 0.5cm

Edition of 10