Telik is a common name for TV that emerged as first TVs became available in Soviet Union. The acquisition of a TV set was a milestone for soviet families. Black and white TVs were bought on
credit and were subjects of familiar pride. A TV set was more than a bare commodity – a status symbol, an item of deficit, a portal to the world beyond, a transmitter of state propaganda. Today people manifest their social status in images of global travel or branded items. Once a TV did that

Photographs in this project were gathered in a treasure hunt over numerous flea markets, secondhand shops and online auctions. They reveal a pattern in amateur photography, outlining how we all take same pictures without being taught to do so.

About Artist

Anna Pylypyuk and Volodymyr Shypotilnykov come from Sevastopol in Crimea. Currently they are based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Since 2017 they are working on long-term documentary projects. Trajectory of their work has been affected by Russian annexation of Crimea in 2014 and its ongoing estrangement from Ukraine and the world.

Recurring themes of their work are documentation of social unity and representation of the everyday in relation to post-communist transitions of Ukraine. They are developing a retro-documentary method in photographic archeology and a theory for typical realist art.

Their practice is serial and photography based. Series build on both producing images and using found vernacular photographs.

They have exhibited at Odesa Photo Days, Presence Festival by FotoDepartament. Their works were published in EEP Magazine Vol. 1., Moscow Art Magazine, Bird in Flight magazine, shortlisted for PHOTO2020xPerimeter International Photobook Prize.

Anna Pylypyuk (b. 1993) has academic training in philosophy. Her present practice combines theoretical and visual research.

Volodymyr Shypotilnykov (b. 1984) is an architectural photographer. His Soviet Mosaic series (2013-ongoing), documenting soviet monumental mosaic murals, has been awarded by IPOTY 2015. In 2015 he participated in book Holidays in Soviet Sanatoriums published by FUEL
in 2017. His photographs have been featured in 5.6 Magazine, Calvert Journal, Yorokobu.

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My First Telik
Anna Pylypyuk & Volodymyr Shypotilnykov


Volodymyr Shypotilnykov

44 pages
21cm x 14.8cm x 0.5cm

Edition of 10