Koh Yeechao started documenting Chinese spirit-mediumship or “Tang Ki” back in 2011, where his journey often took him to rituals held in the dead of the night.

His fascination with the Chinese rituals dates back to his early childhood, growing up in a kampong nested on the boundaries of Bukit Brown cemetery, where his grandfather worked as a caretaker. From his grandfather, he learnt about the Taoist beliefs and the importance of life and death, which subsequently got instilled in his mind.

Koh hopes to show the viewers images of his journey through the realm of Chinese spiritual possession, as it is a significant culture in Chinese society since history up till today.

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About the Artist
An engineer by profession, photography enthusiast Koh Yee Chao (b. 1980, Singapore)’s photographic journey have largely been fuelled by humanity’s advancement. From venturing deep down Varanasi’s alleys to exploring Singapore’s urban playground, his images consistently reflect his vision in documenting dying traditions and cultures.

Koh equates his shooting style to two key elements – an open heart and keen observation. For it is through understanding that one can really unveil the subjects’ true personality.

Koh enjoys capturing things that have fallen through society’s cracks and photograph them before they disappear in the face of rapid modernisation. He hopes his images will remind younger generations of the hardship and pain that the forefathers went through to get them to where they are today.