“We travel, we see a monument, and we take a picture. But, we are millions who travel, millions who see this monument, and millions who take the same picture.” Vionnet was intrigued by this common behaviour displayed by millions of tourists and the meaning, which can be derived from it. For the image, the strength comes from the subject, which is the monument. For the viewer, the strength comes from the common image, a thousand times repeated.
In this series, Vionnet studies sociological behaviour in relation to spaces. In doing so, she explores the representation of time and memory of spaces. She compiled approximately 100 “photo souvenirs” of conventional snapshots of monuments, which were acquired over a period of time.

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About the Artist
Corinne Vionnet was born in Switzerland. She started photography at the age of 8, when she received her first Agfamatic camera. She lived in England since she was 20 and started photography studies at the University of Paris VIII, France when she was 24. In 2003, she did a photographic study of her country after several years away titled, “Swissitude” before studying the spaces shaped by places of leisure in “Divertir”.