The fast-growing interest in photobooks worldwide has paved a new way for showcasing and appreciating photography in Asia.

The SIPF Photobook Open Call hopes to foster greater creative exchange and bring fresh inspiration to the local scene, by assembling a collection of the most creative photobooks from all over the world in one exhibition.

In this inaugural edition, 82 finalists are selected out of over 200 submissions by an international panel. The finalist showcase debuts in Singapore and will eventually travel to other Asian cities to engage a wider audience.

The two winners from the Photobook Open Call have been selected and announced on 21 September during the Photobook Party at National Design Center.

Winner for Publishing Opportunity with Steidl:
The Hotel by Tenzing Dakpa

Winner for Printing Prize with Dominie Press:
The Abeyant Nursery by Quinn Lum

Find out more about the shortlisted titles here.

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  1. Tequila 177
    Alessio Zemoz (Italy)
  2. Peripher
    Andreas Tschersich (Switzerland)
  3. Go there I do not know where, take a picture of that I do not know what
    Andrey Ivanov (Russia)
  4. A Spoonful of Sugar
    Ann Shelton (New Zealand)
  5. Home Sweet Home
    Anton Gautama (Indonesia)
  6. Arkanum
    Aras Gökten (Germany)
  7. Colourful Passport
    Berkay Tezcan (Turkey)
  8. Seasonal Abandonment Of Imaginary Worlds
    Carine Thévanau (Australia)
  9. Piedra-Padre, Universo
    Clara de Tezanos (Guatemala)
  10. Never Standing on Two Feet
    Clara Rae (Australia)
  11. Timor Runguranga
    David Palazón (Spain)
  12. Keep the Cages Open Before You Leave
    Dmitry Khovanskiy (Russia)
  13. Black
    Dominika Sadowska (Poland)
  14. End, is the starting point of our departure
    Eric WK Ng (Singapore)
  15. Los Mundos de Tita (The Worlds of Tita)
    Fabiola Cedillo (Ecuador)
  16. Human
    Gábor Arion Kudász (Hungary)
  17. our breaths are short, this breeze untameable
    Genevieve Leong (Singapore)
  18. Wallet
    George Wong Yung Choon (Singapore)
  19. Ways into North Korea
    George Wong Yung Choon (Singapore)
  20. The Shibayamas
    Giancarlo Shibayama (Peru)
  21. Beautiful Illusions: Aesthetics and Wartime Ideology of Imperial Japan
    Goh Ying Min (Singapore)
  22. Four Generations
    Guilherme Bergamini (Brazil)
  23. Hear my Fear
    Hamdi Rubiyanto (Indonesia)
  24. I’ll Be Looking At The Moon, But I’ll Be Seeing You
    Harikrishna Katragadda (India)
  25. Around 42nd and 7th
    Hiro Tanaka (Japan)
  26. In Belief is Power
    Hristina Tasheva (Bulgaria)
    Hugo Alcol (Spain)
  28. Supreme India
    James Talalay (United States)
  29. Home Instruction Manual
    Jan McCullough (Ireland)
  30. Wild West
    Joachim Hildebrand (Germany)
  31. Tsukiji: Memories of a Market
    Joel Fong (Singapore)
  32. Mystery is a Compass
    Jonathan Liu (Singapore)
  33. The Act
    Julian Fullerton-Batten (United Kingdom)
  34. Over
    Kacper Kowalski (Poland)
  35. To tell my real intentions, I want to eat only haze like a hermit
    Katherine Longly (Belgium)
  36. Subtle Beauty
    Kazuhiko Matsumura (Japan)
  37. Of Hope and Fear
    Kensaku Seki (Japan)
  38. Color Me Gone
    Kevin German (United States)
  39. One-Car-Bazaar
    Kevin Kunstadt (United States)
  40. Jomnye (Women Divers)
    Kim Hungku (South Korea)
  41. NEPO Film
    Lin Shean Tung (Taiwan)
  42. Salad
    Loh Xiang Yun (Singapore)
  43. …there is no end
    Louis Lim & Beth Jackson (Australia)
  44. “The Other Side”
    Magda Biernat (United States)
  45. Like Sugar in Milk
    Majlend Bramo (Italy)
  46. Separate Hidden Rules
    Makoto Oono (Japan)
  47. Regarding You & Me. Six attempts to get closer to my father
    Marijn Kuijper (Netherlands)
  48. Mimetic
    Mark Purdom (Australia)
  49. High Culture
    Marta Wódz (Poland)
  50. Margins of Excess
    Max Pinckers (Belgium)
  51. The Cedar Lodge
    Maya Meissner (United States)
  52. Critical Mass
    Michael Danner (Germany)
  53. Hodophylax: The Guardian of the Path
    Michiko Hayashi (Japan)
  54. One Flesh
    Olga Boltneva (Russia)
  55. Once there lived
    Olga Titova (Russia)
  56. 24 poses égyptiennes / Twenty-four Egyptian exposures
    Pascal Cavin (Switzerland)
  57. Yes Madam, Sorry Ah Sir
    Paul Yeung Ming (Hong Kong)
  58. Violated Flesh
    Priscilia Kheng (Singapore)
  59. Kick It Out and Kill It (2018)
    Qinrui Hua (United States)
  60. The Abeyant Nursery
    Quinn Lum (Singapore)
  61. M1
    Ricky Adam (Ireland)
  62. ATENEA
    Roger Grasas (Spain)
  63. To: The Other World
    Shannon Sim (Singapore)
  64. Frame
    Shannon Sim (Singapore)
  65. Dark Cities Trilogy
    Shyue Woon (Singapore)
  66. You taught me how to be a butterfly only so you could break my wings
    Sina Niemeyer (Italy)
  67. Dream City
    Srinivas Kuruganti (United States)
  68. 6 not taken // You Deserve Hell
    Steffen Kolster Poulsen (Denmark)
  69. Lotus Well
    Sung Nam-Hun (South Korea)
  70. Permission to Remain
    Tammy Law (Australia)
  71. The Hotel
    Tenzing Dakpa (India)
  72. In (coherence) The Anthropocene
    Timothy Wee (Singapore)
  73. Lost Takes
    Tobias Bijl (Netherlands)
  74. More Cars, Clothes and Cabbages
    Torsten Schumann (Germany)
  75. Signos
    Veejay Villafranca (Philippines)
  76. Eden
    Vittorio Mortarotti (Italy)
  77. Chimera
    Vladimíra Kotra (Czech Republic)
  78. Some Pictures of Representation
    Woong Soak Teng (Singapore)
  79. Hiroshima Graph – Rabbits Abandon their Children
    Yoshikatsu Fujii (Japan)
  80. Green Pigeon
    Yoshiko Mogi (Japan)
  81. 4 9 39 33 27 42 35
    Yuen Nga-Chi (Hong Kong)
  82. Phoenix 火の鳥
    Yuki Iwanami (Japan)