We live only once, it is said, and while we live we born and we die who knows how many times: what if Humans could die and born again, for the last time. A question of energies, of transformation, of form and content in perpetual movement, prolific of new connections and suggestions. A question of geographic and temporal disorientation, of a narrative short circuit. A question of life and death: nothing is as it seems. As in a game of unfinished references, the viewer is led in an itinerary without precise mapping, neither spatial nor temporal, and is free to govern, or not, his own suggestions with new awareness: in a dimension of reality in which everything happens for the first time, photography is often a palliative experience, an apparent and temporary remedy. In fact, to understand the work it is necessary to suspend one’s own forms of pre-judgment and abandon oneself to that slight sense of indeterminacy: among those who are represented who works in which department? where are we exactly? Or rather: when are we exactly there?

Zi-Hua Chen


52 pages
23cm x 28.5 cm

Edition of 300