Chimera is a mythology beast, a fascinating mutant of lion body, snake´s tail and head of a goat. From biology point of view it is a human whose cells are bearing a different genetical code.

The doctors found out that Paul´s embryo joined with the embryo of his sister in an early stage of pregnancy. His/Her body is made up of 75{a8133cbed3b5ceb112c4756e5b2cfb377d9a54f3c9fce1d769a370fc6f8f1aa2} of cells with XX chromosomes. He/She has the uterus, ovaries and cervix while her external genitalia has XY chromosomes. TODAYS she calls herself Gabi. She is a chiméra with a mind of a man and obsession beeing a perfect woman. She didn´t know this at the beginning. Paul started to feel woman in himself at the age of 27. He was not aware of beeing a chiméra. He was convinced of beeing transsexual. I was there at the time and started this documentary
about Gabi journey.

The CHIMÉRA book includes my photographs next to lots of authentic Gabi´s selfies, blog and Facebook posts showing her feelings during transformation.

I wish all people to be aware of their well being and to accept themselves with love. Transsexuals or intersex people, in particular.

Vladimíra Kotra


Richard Procházka

112 pages
16.7 x 21.2 x 2 cm

Edition of 10