A fleeting moment, a land beyond poetry and childhood memories, where clusters of chimneys rise from the wild turf; these tall buildings, an artificial beauty, they produce neither smoke nor fog, these stout, colourful columns emit dust storms with smells that assault our senses, stored in the depths of our memories. The day has come for me to confront
this land again, and the feeling is abrupt, strange, fragmented, and indescribable. My self and the reality of what the land has become now, has completely lost connection.

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About the Artist
Zhou Wei (China, b.1969), born in Rugao Jiangsu Province, China, graduated from the Photography of Arts Institute in Nanjing Normal University, and is currently
a freelance photographer based in China. He has participated in numerous exhibitions internationally in countries including China, Singapore and Russia. His solo exhibition was held in 2010 in Changzhou, China. Awards he has won include Outstanding Photographer at the Lishui International Photography Festival in 2011.