Assada Porananond’s work is an innocent and sincere representation of one of Thailand’s underground culture, ‘Street Punk’. What lies beneath a thin veneer of ‘undesirable’ characteristics is actually a group of teenagers who revel in fun-loving but harmless camaraderie and fellowship among other like-minded teenagers. Donned in black strait leather jackets embellished with metal pins and chains, they rock to heavy metal music over the weekend. Come Monday, they retreat back to normalcy; some go to school whereas some go to work without the pins and chains.
Photographed against a white background, Porananond deliberately draws attention to their faces and costumes. Just as he had come to understand this part-time culture, he hopes that his photographs forms the bridge of understanding between society and the culture.

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About the Artist
Assada Porananond graduated with a Masters in Image and Communication, Photography and Electronic Graphics from the University of London in 2000. He has worked as a photographic editor for a local magazine, “Compass” magazine and a senior translator for a British photographic magazine, Digital Camera Magazine. His subject matters are usually of the people and city of Chiang Mai. In 2008, he has established a group for local photographers to develop their skills and run exhibition shows to showcase their works.