This set of photographs has no specific theme or idea but together they convey an atmosphere, a touch
of sentimental beauty. While photographing these images, I had deliberately set no concrete content; instead, I let the scene stir up emotions in me. My focus of interest lies simply in the scene, and I try my best to refine the feelings that are needed to capture the images. As a result of my spiritual pursuit of romantic aesthetics, I tend to be intoxicated by poetic sceneries, which accounts for my personal style of photography. There are a lot of uncertainties when it comes to taking photographs with film because the effects are usually random. But these uncertainties somewhat enhance the impact of the sceneries. This method of photo taking, capturing anti-conventional visual space or a thoroughly dream-like visual, challenges the concepts of traditional photography that focuses on integrity and realistic senses.

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About the Artist
Shen Linghao (China, b.1988) born in Shanghai, graduated from the School of Fine Arts, Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts. He believes that artistic creation is the best way to reconcile life and spirit and holds experiences and memories important in his creation, which combines the heart and mind to an ultimate harmony. He has participated in exhibitions including the Pingyao International Photography Festival (Pingyao), the Three Shadows Photography Award, Three Shadows Photography Art Centre (Beijing), NotAnotherLandscape Art Exhibition, EDGE Gallery (Hong Kong), Chongqing youth art biennale, and Chongqing Art Museum (Chongqing). He has won numerous photography awards including the Qiu Zhijie Gold Award 2011 and the Epson New Vision Contest 2011 Photo Highest Award.