With a master degree in curating exhibitions and handling publications, Miléna Chevillard has joined RVB Books in 2018 as a project manager and has helped the development of the publishing house since then. She is accompanying the two co-founders Matthieu Charon and Rémi Faucheux in every step of the book making. All three try to push the creativity that the book form offers working close to artists, craftsmen and partners.

At the same time she writes for artists, organizes exhibitions and follows them in various projects. She is working in duo as a curator with Maxime Bourron, with whom she notably conceived and organized the exhibition Fluids Encounters in Turin (The Others Art Fair) ; the duo show Jusqu’à l’aube at the gallery Thomas Bernard in Paris ; and recently they curated the solo show Les Nouveaux Classiques by Jeremie Danon, that also led to a publication. 

In their collaborations, the duo’s challenge is to take into consideration the role of artists, authors and cultural actors in order to question the practices of the exhibition. 

RVB BOOKS is an independent publisher based in Paris. Founded by Matthieu Charon and Rémi Faucheux, they have been producing unique fine art books since 2012. Attentive to the perpetual renewal of independent publishing, its catalog includes monographs, multiples, limited editions as well as artists’ books. 

We are interested in the numerous possibilities that the book form offers, as well as the creativity it requires and the encounters it creates. We consider each of our publications as a creative space revealing, defending or transmitting works and ideas, and our catalogue highlights artists that we think are too little represented. By working with artists around the world, coming from different artistic backgrounds, RVB Books aims to be as close as possible to the renewal of contemporary creation, especially in photography and printed matter. From the conception to the production of the book we work in close relation with artists, paying particular attention to graphic design, materials, printing techniques and book making. We use the same care to diffuse our books by ensuring our editions a proper visibility in selected venues and by participating to several fairs in Europe and abroad.