A parody on scientific control, this series of work depicts a visual diary of a photographer with a group of researchers on an expedition to a ‘new’ island of Pulau Pejantan. It builds on the romanticism and ecological awareness in the human relationship with animals, and the images oscillate between two alternatives, a sense of profound confusion before the natural world and a yearning for adventurous exoticism.

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About the Artist
Zhao Renhui, based in London and Singapore, is a multi-disciplinary Artist who works mainly with photography. An Artist and almost zoologist, his practice investigates the different modes of the human zoological gaze that is, how people view animals. He is interested in the history and development of the zoological gaze alongside social progress and mediation. His practice also investigates the different modes of knowledge production in contemporary archives. He has won numerous awards and grants, and has presented a major project with The Substation, Singapore, entitled, If a tree falls in the forest, with the support of The National Arts Council Singapore. He is currently selected for the inaugural Singapore National Arts Council ‘Arts Creation Fund’, The Fukuoka Asian Art Museum Artist’s Residency Program in Japan and a commission for the M1 Fringe Festival in 2010.