Local folklore are symbolic myths are passed down from generation to generation, it is evidential that they affect how people view certain subjects. These myths, some are fictional and some are based on true stories to reflect on social structures in the past, there for culture and tradition are over somewhat exaggerated through these beliefs of Buddhism, Brahms and Animism (Spiritual), this also includes how sexuality is viewed.

Some of these beliefs are told through mythical characters and some stories are even ‘confirmed’ to be true, and the characters are real people who actually existed to strengthen these beliefs. The stories are taught in school, and no questions are raised about their authenticity but the actual question is what do these ideologies stand for? Why up-hold such ideas? This reflects upon the power of belief and its hold in shaping society’s frame of mind.

The artist takes inspiration upon this subject matter. Ideals and beliefs had held power over people for many centuries. It plays a big role in our everyday life. Stories that are told through religious beliefs are passed on through generations, through Literature, Fairy Tales, Legends all relating to divines and the extraordinary, meaning that these stories can be both real and fiction with a purpose to relate the past to the present. Not only does it explain social structures in the past, it is also a tool used to maintain the same frame of mind in the present, to forever immortalise these ideologies.

For the artist, her work is to question these beliefs.

About Artist

Born in Thailand in 1994, Kamonlak Sukchai grew up in the Ratchaburi Province. She holds a BA in Film Production Design from Srinakharinwirot University (Prasarnmitr) and an MA in Visual Arts from King Mong kut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang. Her initial destination career was a screenplay writer. After she graduated, it was the beginning of her photography career. Since she had a new film camera (Pentax k1000) from her father which he used when he was a teenager, he taught her how to use it. Afterwards, she was deeply interested and into photography. Moreover, she learned by herself. Then, she turned her destination of her life from a screenplay writer to take photos instead.

Her works explore the relations between sex and believe that go along together in parallel worlds of this culture and the effect that contributes to her present creative including other series. She is a harvest from a part of a conservative family as well as a social culture of upcountry where she born. The purpose of her works is to finding the meaning of sexuality from an old believe in Southeast Asia and attempt to experiment with photography.

“RED LOTUS’ was selected for inclusion in Dutch Contemporary Photography Magazine Foam’s ‘FOAM TALENT’ alongside just 20 other artists worldwide. Now she is a Freelance Artist, represented by Asian Spiritual Playground.

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