The undying passion of some die-hard fans for Elvis Presley, The King of Rock n’ Roll’ is most likely to go unseen and unheard of in Singapore where contemporary pop seems to dominate the music scene. However, Ledesma’s personal pursuit to document the festive camaraderie displayed by Elvis’ fans in preparation for Elvis week brings to light interesting aspects of their idolatry adoration for Elvis. In documenting this special spectacle for two months, Ledesma has unwittingly developed a newfound appreciation for The King through his avid followers.

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About the Artist
Lester V. Ledesma is a travel photojournalist whose works have appeared in countless publications throughout Asia. His stunning imagery has earned him the 2007 PATA Gold Award, the 2005 ATTA Silver Medal, and the 2002 ASEANTA Award for Excellence. Based in Singapore, he is currently the photo-editor of Ink Publishing, and a field editor for Asian Geographic Magazine.