Photobook Clinic is an intimate 3-hour photobook dummy review session with Yumi Goto, an independent art and documentary photography curator, editor, researcher and consultant who co-founded the Reminders Photography Stronghold. The seminar will focus on gathering constructive feedback on incomplete dummies towards its completion.

Instead of going into the technicalities of bookmaking, Photobook Clinic aims to push the potential of each project through the conceptualisation and re-imagination of photographs within the book medium.

Participants can expect to receive new perspectives on refining the direction of an ongoing photographic book project.

  • Participants should bring a photobook dummy for discussion, which can take the form of a physical mock-up or digital spreads. The photobook should not be completed in its final form. 
  • Constructive criticism, honesty and fairness towards each other will be key to a successful group experience. 
  • No technical instruction on bookmaking should be expected from this seminar.

Brief outline of activities
  • Participants will present their project ideas with their physical or digital dummy, followed by a group discussion led by Yumi Goto.



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Yumi Goto
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