SGscenery2020 follows a project conceptualised by the artist for Singapore’s 50th Anniversary celebrations, ‘SG50’, in 2015 titled Scenery. Featuring “crowd-sourced” photographs submitted by members of the public, the images showcase the vantage points of Singaporeans from all walks of life.

Although both projects similarly present views taken from residences around Singapore, the new project conceptualised under the auspices of the COVID-19 pandemic now carries the inflection of a dire infection. Viewed with the context of Singapore’s lockdown – deemed a “circuit breaker” – in mind, the images present a seemingly subtle longing for uninhibited mobility. And even as the lockdown has come to an end, the mindscapes the images invoke have been irrevocably altered by the invisible adversary and the constant reminders of the dangers that lurk on the exterior while confined to the interiors of our homes.

As SGscenery2020 continues expanding, the artist invites members of the public to share the views from their homes by sending their self-taken photographs to Photographs can also be seen online on Instagram @sgscenery2020.

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