Shuchi Kapoor

Chennai Photo Biennale Foundation

About the Reviewer

Shuchi Kapoor is a documentary photojournalist from India and one of the founding members of the Chennai Photo Biennale. She works at the intersections of visual storytelling, research and education, deeply curious about regimes of representation and visual cultures. Her documentary work focuses on humanistic visual narratives on human rights, environment, politics, the aftermath of communal warfare, refugee life, gender and sexuality, mental health, juvenile and child labour, social & ethnographic cultural practices and more, spanning across regions, cultures and mindsets in her country. She has published with The Washington Post, So Press (France), Al Jazeera, The New Internationalist, The Sunday Guardian, Economic Times, The Wire, Marie Claire, Ariana and has been commissioned by UNICEF, Save the Children, Oxfam, SOMO among others. She is a Dart Asia-Pac Fellow and was awarded the fellowship on Trauma & Journalism in Hong Kong (2015). While her origins are from Gujarat & Delhi, she now lives in Chennai, India where she runs the Chennai Photo Biennale Foundation. Follow her on @girlinthegalli and @chennaiphotobiennale

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