My experience in street photography made me sensitive to phenomena and changes around us. I often encounter weird, even eerie, environmental elements, such as various plants that, gorged on the city’s pollution, burst into gigantic mutant creepers, steadily devouring everything around them. They seem to be biding their time to wreak vengeance upon nature-destroying man. Many things we meet in daily life appear inert and lifeless and so are overlooked. Closer scrutiny reveals that they’re furtively signaling each other, emitting unfathomable messages, as in some scene from a horror sci-fi doomsday movie, the kind that always end in tragedy.

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About the Artist
Akkara Naktamna (b. 1979, Thailand) started shooting in 2008 after being inspired by Elliott Erwitt’s works and a comedy movie “Pecker”. He fondly remembers buying a point and shoot camera after watching the movie and went out to shoot everything he could find; without the realization of the term “street photography”. He currently works as a software engineer and spend his leisure time pursuing his interest for photography.