Ambiguity is at play in Shapes, a series of photographs in which experimentation with colour explosions in the landscape create a powerful vision. The explosion of the smoke bomb lasts for just a few seconds; it is almost impossible to influence the outcome as well as to execute without a proper choice of location. The public spaces that were chosen were those that allowed for the explosion and were also ideal as a setting for a composition that seem to refer to the sublime overtones of
the 19th century landscape paintings. This series
of photographs are not simply colourful images
but also images comprising basic forms, offering room for their interpretation. They are conceptual, featuring non-objects and formalist compositions
in a public location, and are thus open to political interpretations. Social relationships are reflected in the confrontations between colour and landscape, individual positions are contrasted with, or inserted into, communal structures; personal imaginations encounter collective image culture. The process is technical and complex with erratic factors such as the weather. The decision to use smoke in nature
is with the intention to juxtapose the beauty of a medium traditionally devoted to creating chaos,
with the romantic beauty of landscapes. They complete each other in a way that proves that beauty is found in clashing visions.

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About the Artist
Filippo Minelli (Italy, b.1983) born in Brescia, Italy, is a contemporary artist, connoting his artistic productions with interventions in public spaces, often in urban typology. His works can be found from the Italian countryside to the biggest European cities, in Southeast Asia, from Mongolian steppe to African deserts passing by the separation-barrier between Palestine and Israel. His artworks are internationally recognised and have been featured in publications by Taschen and Gestalten. His works have been reviewed by some of the most important international art and design vanguard- magazines and newspapers, as well as exhibited in various museums and foundations in Italy and abroad. His artistic path, forged based on the use of language, has led him to investigate the importance of the words
in contemporaneity, and also the opposite — silence
as part of language. This has been visualised through photography of his public performances in the Silence/ Shapes series, and represented in his paintings on canvas through violent and disarming colours of oil paint.