I grew up looking at my parent’s family albums, imagining their lives before me. Trying to reconstruct the memories I didn’t have, I imagined them over and over in my mind. Somehow I always felt that the people I saw in these photographs differed from the ones I saw next to me every day. The ambivalence of the medium, its possibilities and its limitations suggest we should mistrust photography as a record of our lives and histories.
My work addresses the idea of “looking back” as a framing device and a narrative mode. For the last two years, I have documented people from the village called Pilcene in the Eastern side part of Latvia. In search for the last traces of my family here, I looked for the people who used to know my grandmother. Through their stories I became aware of their attachment to the land and the houses they live in.

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About the Artist
Iveta Vaivode grew up in Riga, Latvia. Having started her photographic career as a fashion photographer, she began to turn her sight towards more personal projects. In 2008, she received a BA in photography from the Arts Institute at Bournemouth (England) and currently she is completing her studies in Helsinki with a Master in Photography at Taik (Aalto University of Art and Design).
Her works have been exhibited in Latvia, Lithuania, U.K., France, China and Belgium. Vaivode is also a recipient of the following awards: Nikon Discovery Awards (2008), c/o Berlin Talents (2013) and Burn Magazine Grant (2013).