The current technological machine of information and communication operates at the centre of human subjectivity, not only in the depths of human memory and intelligence but also in human sensibility, feeling and unconscious fantasy. It is precisely where art and technology overlap that a series of critical reflections in the form of visual art emerge. As curators, we hope to capture artists’ current practice in the relevant discursive field and present it to multiple audiences through the exhibition.

French artist, Elise Morin’s The Spring Odyssey is a complex work that uses the latest imagery to contemplate ecology, technology and human emotion. In this global body of work that mixes photography, video, painting, and sound, Morin focuses on current research by NASA experts working with biologists to address the issue of radiation resistance that humans face living in space. Morin examines a mangrove forest in Ukraine that has been transformed into an open-air laboratory and explores different artistic dimensions around it. The exhibition will present the artist’s VR work for the project in their entirety, the former being seen by the artist as “a rite of passage towards a new physical reality mixing science and technology around a powerful invisible phenomenon and to question the fluctuating limits of our intuitions.” 

Curated by He Yining


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