Since spring of 2017, 8 recipients of Steidl Book Award have been traveling to Steidl Publishing in Gottingen, Germany to make their photobook with master printer & publisher, Gerhard Steidl.

8 Asian photographers of diverse backgrounds make books beginning with their individual artistic intentions, and finally arrived at physical books with the printing expertise and material knowledge of Steidl Publishing.

This exhibition celebrate the making of 8 books, and also this unique collaborative relationship between artist and publisher.

Photobook Party
21 Sep, Fri
National Design Centre

Dialogue with Gerhard Steidl and STEIDL Book Award Winners
22 Sep, Sat
National Design Centre, Auditorium

8 Photographers

Ways to Tie Trees
Woong Soak Teng (Singapore)

A Guide to the Flora and Fauna of the World
Robert Zhao Renhui (Singapore)

Yukari Chikura (Japan)

Something So Clear
Kapil Das (India)

The Last Tattooed Women of Kalinga
Jake Verzosa (Philippines)

and now they know
Broy Lim (Singapore)

Midnight Tweedle
Zhang Lijie (China)

DMZ: Demilitarized Zone of Korea
Jongwoo Park (Korea)