Artist Statement
I am interested in the process of vision and visual communication itself, how we bring meaning to what we see through the medium of photography. Photography is ubiquitous, yet the art photograph aims to critique everyday photography in our culture. In these conceptual stereoscopic photographs, I  use fictionality within photography in constructed studio worlds.  Sometimes third meanings are derived from the image text combinations – they become more focused through them, and other times questions emerge through the combinations. Many of my images are political, feminist and are about photography as a field. The work examines how it intersects with our lives in different forms – the family snapshot, the government archive, news photography, advertising, photography of the body and how it is sometimes objectified.

The Archive of Unmade Photographs is a socially engaged project about photography, without photography. It is a collaboration with Mark Strandquist. Cardboard ballot boxes are placed all over town and postcards ask participants to write down a memory of which they do not have a photograph. They are collected and displayed in the gallery for visitors. This project is usually done over one month. At this time an archive of 700 postcards has been created.

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