Singapore is a country free from the threat of natural disasters. In 2004, when the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami swept over Banda Aceh, Indonesia, the images of the destruction were seared into my then 11-year-old mind, and those images have never left.

Having lived in Singapore all my life, I have never felt the wrath of Mother  Nature. Nor have I ever felt the fear associated with such an uncertain and sovereign force.

Hence in 2019 on a self-funded trip to Jakarta, I started in the north, where a  seawall divides yet protects people from the sea. I wanted to explore the emotional connections between man and nature, and the reckoning that humankind will face. Through photographic fragments of place, land, and sea, perhaps the images would live in the viewer’s mind as resolutely as the images from 2004 did in mine.

With sea levels similarly rising in Singapore, The Blindness Of The Sea is a work of parallels and fragments, a question of our choices, and a dialogue between the tension present between our past actions, current decisions, and future reality.

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