Man is by nature a social animal, because ultimate self-fulfillment can be achieved only in a society.
— Aristotle

Many people have said that art is a very selfish
and personal activity, and the artist who creates artworks for a living has to be selfish in order for him or her to continue as a practising artist. Whether I agree or not, I create art with an important but selfish motivation — because I like it. The Guilty is a project based upon the social guilt associated
with making art. When this social guilt becomes a contributing material and factor to the continuation of making an artwork, its offense becomes ambiguous. I hope for my personal feelings of guilt to diminish with the creation of this work. I believe that ‘great
art is born from a genuine human being’, and this is what I feel is my destiny. With this belief in mind, I look around me looking for people with guilt, be it something minor or so bizarre that others cannot understand, as long as it comes from a voice from the heart, it is important. Through their participation, I see the beautiful personality of each individual and this confirms my belief that ‘Humanity is the only hope’.

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About the Artist
Ji Hyun Kwon (South Korea, b.1981) was born in Seoul, South Korea. She graduated at the top of the School of Law in Hongik University in Seoul. After her first Bachelor’s degree of Law, she studied postgraduate studies with Criminal Law in Korea University in Seoul. She then switched to major in Fine Art Photography and completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree
in Photography from Chungang University. Kwon moved to Germany in 2010. She was the winner of portfolio review in Bratislava during the 19th “Month of Photography” in 2009 with a work titled The Guilty. She was selected as one of the “Photographers of the Year” and “Young Artist of the Year” in South Korea in 2010. She has had many solo exhibitions and group shows in both Europe and Korea.