It is a diary that ignites with images and words; a duet composed by the very last of us. The self-published project “The Last of Us: Wandering on the Remaining Beams” presents an intimate tale for our fallen city metaphorically. Scenes captured and driven by the combination of photography and writing in the journal capsules the vulnerabilities before the new era was imposed upon us, during the overwhelming and eventful June.

Although settled in Hong Kong, we are long lost as wanderers. In the aftermath of the unsettling years, the city is filled with emptiness until the last abandonment is upon arrival, while there are still many who vow to stay as the last witnesses resolutely. Portrayed through photographs and fragmented paragraphs, the work presents a delicately arranged record, which articulates a synesthetic entry to arouse the quietened and suppressed resonance under the renewed context. Every glance and encounter that is subtly remembered and archived has anchored our last narratives.

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