Artist Statement

When I became a mother to Anita in 2019 I began to turn the camera on myself in a way that I hadn’t explored before. After Anita was born I had a Multiple Sclerosis flare that impacted the strength and motor control of my upper body. At that time I began making pictures to see the two of us more clearly beyond the physical and emotional challenges of those days of caretaking. The process of making self-portraiture has continued beyond that difficult period and become a nearly daily practice that includes tableaus with my mother, my partner, and myself alone. / @sarajwinston on Instagram

About Artist

Sara J. Winston is a New York-based artist who uses photography, writing, and the book form to describe and respond to her experience of chronic illness and its impact on the body, mind, nervous system, and family. Winston is the author of four photo books, among them A Lick and a Promise published by Candor Arts in 2017 and Homesick published by Zatara Press in 2015. Sara received her MFA in Photography from Columbia College Chicago in 2014.

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