‘The Quarantine Report’ is a body of work I started when the COVID-19 pandemic hit Thailand in March 2020. The pandemic has put an excruciating limitation on our mobility; we were under lockdown. A year spent at home, I found myself spending a big chunk of my time following the latest report on COVID-19 rambling on television. I fell into a pit of catered information, propaganda, advertisement, dramas and superstition. Hence, I am curious about the influence of television on people and society in Thailand.

‘The Quarantine Report’ is where I experimented with image distortions or a glitch on television, abstract colours and weird scenes – Posing questions, whether what we are seeing on television is as distorted as what we see in the images. Television, until today, remains the most dominant medium among the population in Thailand, especially in rural areas. It plays a dominant role in shaping people’s beliefs, political stance, our social fabric. It shapes our reality, whether we like it or not.

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Pariwat Anantachina