Composed in a resolutely neutral and distanced tone, is Mark Power’s Polish project The Sound of Two Songs. Travelling the length and breadth of Poland, Power depicted in beautiful depth and lyricism, a fascinating period of transition in the country’s history after it joined the European Union in 2004. But it was not only a physical voyage but an internal one as well. Initially clinging onto picturing the new European prospect, he stepped back to enjoy what was truly important — the process of observing and photographing.

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About the Artist
Mark Power is an English photographer, born in Harpenden, England. Power studied Fine Art at Brighton Polytechnic (1978–1981), and then travelled extensively, discovering a love for photography along the way. Upon his return, he worked as a freelance for several UK publications and charities. He primarily shoots his work on large format film, but has more recently diversified into short film making. He is currently a member of Magnum Photos and Professor of Photography in The Faculty of Arts and Architecture at the University of Brighton.