A complex relationship between man and nature defines life in the village of Tangia Basti, South Eastern Nepal. A sprawling forest surrounding the community provides and, at times, even takes away. Inherited cultural beliefs and mysterious rituals bind the lives of the inhabitants to the land.

A man climbs a tree to collect wood, hunts animals at night and knows his way miles deep into the jungle. A former Maoist soldier bathes in the river, he has found solace in the calm of the woods. An archaic tree sits silent, high as the sky, absorbing the darker spirits of the forest and preserving the natural balance of the community. A young girl with esoteric powers uses animal energy to heal those possessed by ghosts.

The community has been living in a state of uncertainty for more than 25 years due to the proposed construction of an airport. The village is completely cut off from the national electricity grid, houses have no running water and there’s no telephone connection. In spite of this fragility, people have built roads and schools, grown resilient and created a lively existence.

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