We own the things in our homes, but they own us as well. Objects carry the burden or responsibilities that include acquisition, use, care, storage, and disposal. The magnitude of these responsibilities for each of us has exploded with the expanding number of items in our homes over the past few decades. Having these possessions has caused a shift in our behaviour away from human interaction to interaction with inanimate objects. This series serves as a study of space and situation which explore and exploit the conceptual space between presence and absence. With images accompanied by written accounts and a real-life site specific installation, this work seeks to draw out relations between humans and the things around them, invoking human presence by highlighting their absence.

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About the Artist
Ang Song Nian (b. 1983, Singapore) works with found materials and traces of human behaviours through photographic documentations and installations. His recent exhibitions include A Tree With Too Many Branches at DECK, Unearthed at the Singapore Art Museum, Engaging Perspectives at the Centre for Contemporary Art
(Singapore). He has exhibited in the Photo Espana Festival (Spain), Lianzhou International Photo Festival (China), Dali International Photo Festival (China), Hanmi Gallery (London) and the Institutd’Estudis Ilerdencs (Lleida, Spain).