In 1979, my 28-year-old mother embarked on a journey with an Olympus camera. In 2012, my 26-year-old self began a new journey that brought me back in time, following in her every footstep through the pictures she took.
During the journey, I revisited the places that my mother had set foot on 33 years earlier and envisioned how she must have felt in that exact intersections of time and space.
In our pictures, we are both in our 20s. These pictures bring us closer and turn our mother- daughter relationship to one resembling friendship. This journey opened up a dialogue between us, helping me to understand her past leading up to her present. Our present.
“Trace of Time” is a visual translation of a journey that transcends the borders of time, space and memory. It attempts to impart new meanings to old photos and to document those that changed as well as those that remained.

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About the Artist
Carrie Lam [Singapore, b.1986] received her BFA(Hons) in the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.
With great interest in people relationships, memories and identity, Lam’s work often revolves around the human experiences of searching, finding and belonging.
She believes that photography is a visual diary, a representation of everyday life leading to a visual idiom that alternates between documentary picture and cinematographic staging.