represents people, who live today with wounded hearts, as portraits on the beach. This project could give audiences some tips on how to cure it and proposes how they can recover the homogeneity of the “Others”. This finally makes them understand what the wounded heart actually means is, or what it is they are suffering from.
What some people are suffering from people these days is totally invisible to others and suppressed by some turmoil within themselves, so this produces continuous pain and distress without being relieved. Moreover society is developing an environment where people who are suffering from stress and anxiety are not helped to heal.
This project performs the whole process of curing wounded people on the beach. It’s importance is that the outputs as portraits, could share the process with “Others” throughout the exhibition and recover homogeneity and understanding.

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About the Artist
Ilwoo Lee is a talented artist and director of Visual Art Center Boda in Seoul. He graduated from Chung-Ang University in 1999 and got a BFA diploma. He has studied at Kunst aKademie Muenster in Germany obtained a Mastery under Professor Adreas Koepnick. Back to Korea, he has held solo exhibitions ‘UNTITLED‘ (2006), ‘Portrait ‘ (2007), ‘In-between ‘ (2008) and ‘The portrait of stuffed animals‘ (2009) in Korea and Japan. His work mainly focuses on portraits. Ilwoo’s current work ‘ Voice of silence’ (2010) consists in a staged portraits series showing diverse emotions of people to heal wounded memories and these emotions which are shown on his photography is ruined from his memories on the beach from past.