Our second episode of Walking with Photographers features Lavender Chang guiding us through the quaint roads of Katong, Singapore.

Chang brings us through a journey back in time where she shares her experiences of growing up in Singapore as a Taiwanese born resident. The tour brings us to the locations where Chang created images for the series, I Am a Seed, Though a Different One, The Movingly Minute Scale of a Restricted Life, and more. Join us in this 360 Journey through Katong as we talk about identity, culture, and family.

This programme is a Video on Demand (VOD) so please do join us whenever and wherever you may be in the globe!

About Artist

Lavender Chang’s focus lies in conceptual photography. Lavender’s artwork is a reflection of the sensitivity towards the subtle nuances surrounding her. She hopes to focus on these experiences, to create a canvas allowing further contemplation and letting the passage of time to leave behind traces of her mortality. A recipient of numerous awards, Lavender has her work exhibited both locally and internationally.

Lavender was born in Taiwan, and currently is living and working in Singapore.

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