Wandering, Wondering is a story of us all growing up as adults, being accustomed to social norms, and living in a systematic social structure from cradle to grave. As time lapses, we segue into auto-pilot, living a life guided by a familiar flow and rhythm.

In this work, Seok-Woo Song looks back retrospectively on memories of him in his twenties. Driven by sentiments of loss, isolation and emptiness, he stages fictional scenes fraught with psychological tension, to convey narratives intended for the younger generation who are struggling to adapt to a chaotic and rapidly changing world.

By turns sombre and humorous, these images often straddle boundaries between reality and the unconscious, prodding curiously at interpersonal relationships and connections between individuals and the broader social principles involved.

The artist hopes that these gestural languages not only resonate with audiences, but pose as an outlet for them to contemplate on how far they have come and the journey awaiting.

Curated by John Tung