Fascinated by the scientists who are dedicated to improving the pedestrian aspects of life, the photographer captures these anonymous heroes hidden from the world in their repetitive experiments. Their work is likened to that of Artists, with a reliance on funding and benefactors, and the potential futility and invisibility of the end result. Yet the message is of a beautiful futility, made possible only when man has the freedom and tenacity to accept the uncertainty of their success.

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About the Artist
Daniel Stier, born 1966 in Darmstadt, Germany, is currently living and working in London. He has been a freelance photographer since 1994 and his works has been featured in publications such as Wallpaper, The Sunday Telegraph Magazine and The Guardian. He has also exhibited at many festivals and galleries in Europe including Festival International de Mode et de Photographie, Hyeres, ARTRMX Cologne 2008 Gallery Fumi, London and Fotogalerie Wien, Vienna.