This work was completed in 2012/2013 for the first time somehow, I realised how beautiful wild flower are and tentatively made a few images of flowers and the imagined earth they grew in. As always with creativity, it became an obsession to carefully remove the flowers, earth and any rubbish and artefacts lying around, and to transport everything back to my studio, and with some personal items I began to construct these images – the fragility of the wild flowers, together with the layered strata of earth and its buried items.

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About the Artist
Ron O’Donnell’s photographs are vibrant and effervescent, daring and humorous. They touch upon allegory and myth, identity and mortality. In each case, he turns a spotlight upon the foibles of human life. His images speak of love and loss, folly and foolishness, the decadent and the demoralised – the whole gamut of contemporary caprice. In this, he is a modern Bosch or Brueghel, exploding the carnival excess of modern life. His photographs provoke laughter and sorrow in equal measure; a revelation hidden inside a comic moment.