Worlds and Spacing 世界与空间 presents a selection of photographs from three bodies of work created by Chinese artist Maleonn (马良): Postman, 2008; Portrait of Mr World, 2019-2020; and Your Portraits, 2020. Though created at different junctures in time, these bodies of work speak to human issues made only more apparent with the onset of the global pandemic, even if Postman and Portrait of Mr World were not created with COVID-19 in mind.

Communication, alienation, and insulation are the core themes addressed within the exhibition. In spite of the fantastical settings Maleonn creates and photographs, each of his images are a salient reminder of the fundamental human need for earnest connection with one another.

Unfolding in expansive scale across the span of the Esplanade Tunnel, each photograph is an invitation to be immersed in other worlds that are a little different yet not too foreign from our own.

Curated by John Tung

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