Yoshikatsu Fujii is a photo-based visual storyteller working on long-form projects about memory, family, contemporary events, and history. His main medium is a hand-made limited edition photobook. His books have been nominated for the Paris Photo Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards 2014, won the Self Publishing PHOTOLUX Award 2015, and won the Anamorphosis Prize 21018. The books are owned by several museums and university libraries, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York Library, National Art Library, Victoria and Albert Museum London.

Since moving to his hometown of Hiroshima in 2015, he has been creating works on the theme of the history of war in Hiroshima from his own perspective as a third-generation A-bomb survivor. His works were exhibited at Chobi Mela International Festival of Photography (Bangladesh, 2017), Phantom Pain Clinic (Jimei × Arles International Photo Festival, China, 2017), To Infinity and Beyond (BredaPhoto Festival, Netherlands, 2018), Not standing still: new approaches in documentary photography (PHOTO 2021, Australia, 2021), KG+ SELECT(Japan, 2021).