Developing Photobook Literacy in Asia takes a trip around the continent to understand how ground-up initiatives can advance photobook and visual literacy in local communities. Involving key stakeholders from five Asian countries who have established galleries, bookstores, publishing arms and libraries, this set of dialogues examines the spaces and programmes that facilitate collective thinking through photobooks. 

References from Korea (The Reference / IANNBOOKS)

Developing Photobooks with Reminders Photography Stronghold

A Different Reading (THEBOOKSHOW)

Personal Stories in Indonesian Photobooks (Gueari Galeri)


➔ Photobook Makers’ Weekend with Independent Publishers


Kim Jeong Eun
The Reference Seoul and IANNBOOKS

Yumi Goto
Reminders Photography Stronghold

Caron Toshiko
Gueari Galeri

Andi Ari Setiadi
Gueari Galeri

Liang-Pin Tsao
Lightbox Photo Library