We are proud to share that SIPF Photobook Open Call Showcase (2020), as part of SIPF NOMAD initiatives, will travel across international borders, starting from Busan, South Korea.

Behind every roving showcase of the Singapore International Photography Festival biennale, is the idea of NOMAD; to collaborate and exchange with communities from all over the world through exhibitions, talks and artist residencies. NOMAD is a bridge between festivals, platforms, photographers and audience to foster artistic practice, nurture appreciation, and promote cultural exchange between countries. Since 2009, NOMAD has traversed Asia & Europe and received over 200,000 audiences. These activities are made possible with likeminded individuals, organisations and festivals who believe in promoting the appreciation of photography arts in multiple contemporary voices.

The SIPF Photobook 2020 showcase is part of the Busan International Photo Festival.

Busan International Photo Festival

Director of BIPF: SEOK Jaehyun

Venue website: www.f1963.org
Festival website: www.bipf.kr