Aik Beng Chia’s photography captures moments rich in subtlety and textures. Not merely visuals, his photography is one that you feel, deep in your heart. The longer a viewer spends with these images, the more layers unfold.

The more story it tells.

Aik Beng has documented overlooked scenes in everyday Singapore life and wherever he travels, a commentary of often faded scenes that still hold rich tapestries of emotions, through his eyes.

ABC, as his friends/fans call him, is the author of Tonight the Streets are Ours (2013), a monograph on Singapore’s Little India district after dusk, SingKarPor (2015) and a glut of highly acclaimed self published zines (2010 – ongoing).

He has also been a collaborator with brands like Apple, Leica, Fujifilm, Singapore Tourism Board and The Guardian. His works have been exhibited and published internationally to great success.