In 1983 when an inquisitive fisherman picked up a rock and threw it up the steeply-shelving beach at Cell Howell, he could never have dreamt that it would send shock waves across three continents.

How to Pickle an Adder is the retracing and reconstruction of Dyfed-Powys Police’s 1983 operation codenamed “Seal Bay”. The operation is the story of one of the largest and most complex drug smuggling conspiracies seen in Britain. The smugglers built a high-tech cavern out of fiberglass under an inaccessible cove in North Pembrokeshire. Using the smuggling routes that generations have ran centuries before them, the smugglers intended on bringing in 3 tones of cannabis a week into the UK. Unbeknownst the nosiness of the locals were to spoil their plans.

How to Pickle an Adder has drawn influence from cinematic lighting and constructed landscape whilst also making visual reference to forensic photography and the infrared technologies used by the police force. The body of work presents itself as a crime story through a mix of photographs, text, and archival material forcing the viewer to navigate moments ranging from the vapid to the substantial, and to decipher clues as if at a real crime scene.

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