Anni Leppälä’s motives derive from memories, loss, longing, and early adolescence, seeking for an experience of connection and closeness but also for the act of recognizing something vaguely
familiar through the images. Things are often veiled, hidden or turning away, but are in their own sphere of intense, remote closeness. Photographs transform their subjects and evoke a feeling of sudden recognition, that is not visible on the surface. The connections between the images are essential for Anni Leppälä’s work. The narrations are not linear but can proceed to various directions and dimensions. The layout of the book refers to this way of working – images are
overlapping each other, covering and intersecting with each other.

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hyle | curtain | backdrop
Anni Leppälä

Kehrer Verlag

Anni Leppälä, Tuomo Rainio, Liisa Seppo

128 pages
16.5cm x 24cm x 1cm

Edition of 1000