It is humanity’s penchant to always seek out new, undiscovered frontiers.

In the realm of space travel and exploration, the latest goal on the horizon is to conquer Mars. A launch window to space in the summer of 2020 saw a crowded field of rovers or landers from the United States, China, United Arab Emirates flying towards Mars. But for many, space exploration is not accelerating fast enough.

This project shines light on the idiosyncratic visionaries across the world, often cash-strapped and working in the grey areas of the law, who are developing technologies in hope of journeying to and inhabiting Mars one day. It opens a window into a lesser-known, bewildering community of architects, doctors, farmers, engineers, home rocket builders and multi billion startups, connected in their dreams of creating self-sustainable habitats in outer space.

Curated by He Yining

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