Sathorn Sunset (2018) is a project examines the nature of property development; its relationship to the city through photography and video that focuses on Bangkok’s Sathorn district – a major commercial area that includes multiple skyscrapers, high-rise condominiums and office buildings.

The work features sunset scenes taken in and around Sathorn Unique Tower from January 2018. The luxury condominium began being built in 1990 but remains unfinished after the Asian financial crisis in 1997 put a halt on funding and construction.

The tower was designed by architect turned real estate developer Rangsan Torsuwan. The 185m high tower makes use of exuberant Classical architectural elements, particularly Classical Order columns usually found in Greek and Roman architecture, which was in vogue during the economic wave of the early 90s. Rangsan Torsuwan is generally credited as an architect who popularised this particular architectural style of Classical Order columns in Thailand during the 1990s.

Sathorn Sunset is an extension of DREAM PROPERTY (2014-ongoing) and part of the Sunset series that began in 2018. The Sunset series explores economic, political and social tensions in Thailand through an examination of Ghost Tower in Sathorn Sunset (2018), 7/11 Convenience stores in A Convenient Sunset | A Convenient Holdup (2019) and Anonymous paths in Room no.2 and Sunset on Unnamed Lanes (2020).

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Sathorn Sunset
Miti Ruangkritya

11C and Bangkok CityCity Gallery

Miti Ruangkritya

48 pages
19cm x 29cm x 0.5cm

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