Miti Ruangkritya (b. 1981, Bangkok, Thailand) is a visual artist whose photography practice spans the realms of video, text, and publishing to express his ruminations on notions of the city. His body of work, catalysed by his return to Thailand in 2010 following over a decade of education in England, chronicles personal responses to everyday observations, while articulating with sensitivity, the anxieties of contemporary urban life.

A graduate of the University of Westminster with a MA in Documentary Photography, Miti employs a range of techniques in elucidating the subject matter in question – extending beyond traditional digital and film photography techniques to incorporate found footage, and the appropriation and curation of social media postings, advertising slogans, and news media. In doing so, his works also shed light on the nature of image generation, presentation, and consumption in a world increasingly defined by the visual experience.

His artistic oeuvre explores issues ranging from political upheaval, ecological change, dislocation, and economic inequalities, and are characterised by his in-depth engagement with them, as evidenced by his varied and longstanding series such as Thai Politics (2006-ongoing), DREAM PROPERTY (2014-ongoing), and Sunset (2018-ongoing).

He lives and works in Bangkok, Thailand.