Masterclass: The New Forest

21 Sep 2022 — 25 Sep 2022

The New Forest is a five-year collaboration between The Institute of Critical Zoologists (ICZ) and SIPF, unfolding across a series…

Masterclass: Designing Artist’s Books

23 Sep 2022 — 25 Sep 2022

Designing Artist’s Books is a 3-day workshop for artists, designers and bookmakers who are keen to explore methods and approaches…

Seminar: Photobook Clinic

25 Sep 2022 — 25 Sep 2022

Photobook Clinic is an intimate 3-hour photobook dummy review session with Yumi Goto, an independent art and documentary photography curator,…

Seminar: Translation into Concept and Form

24 Sep 2022 — 24 Sep 2022

Translation into Concept and Form is a 4-hour seminar concerned about the ways in which visual content is expressed in…

Portfolio Review
with Industry Experts

24 Sep 2022 — 16 Oct 2022

The Portfolio Review was introduced in 2008 during the inaugural edition of SIPF. Since then, it has grown in its…

Photobook Makers’ Weekend
with Independent Publishers

24 Sep 2022 — 25 Sep 2022

The Photobook Makers’ Weekend is a two-day gathering of independent publishers from different cities, with a focus on exchanging knowledge,…

Books As Micro-spaces For Research with K. Verlag

24 Sep 2022

How do we build a synthetic editorial-design process that insists on the mutuality of content and form, allowing us to…

The Ecosystem of Independent Publishing:
Skinnerboox x Witty Books

24 Sep 2022

The permutations in making a photobook are countless, varying from artist to publisher, designer to print house, editing to sequencing,…

Publishing as Practice:
Perimeter Books x Temporary Press

24 Sep 2022

Perimeter Books from Melbourne and Temporary Press from Singapore are separated by continents, yet connected by multiple commonalities — they…

References from Korea (The Reference / IANNBOOKS)
with Kim Jeong Eun

25 Sep 2022

References offer a direction for attention, and particularly in the context of books, they give recognition to existing titles that…

Developing Photobooks
with Reminders Photography Stronghold

25 Sep 2022

Four Japanese artists — Kazuhiko Matsumura, Kenji Chiga, Shu Watanabe and Yoshikatsu Fujii — each present their photobook developed together…

A Different Reading

25 Sep 2022

A Different Reading is a project by THEBOOKSHOW that attempts to open up new dialogues and synergies between 5 artists…

Personal Stories in Indonesian Photobooks
with Caron Toshiko and Andi Ari Setiadi

25 Sep 2022

Storytelling is a means through which we make sense of the world. Co-founders of Gueari Galeri, Caron Toshiko and Andi…

Contemporary Photography in Taiwan Through The Lens of DEAI

24 Sep 2022

A non-profit photography library in Taipei open to public for free, Lightbox is committed to preserving, disseminating and advancing Taiwanese…

Modes of Publishing (Makers’ Dialogues)

24 Sep 2022

Modes of Publishing revolves around the photobook as a dynamic object of creative chemistry, mass circulation and extended practices. Speaking…

Developing Photobook Literacy in Asia (Makers’ Dialogues)

25 Sep 2022

Developing Photobook Literacy in Asia takes a trip around the continent to understand how ground-up initiatives can advance photobook and…

In Conversation

In Conversation is a series of blended talks with on-site exhibition tours, bringing you closer to the thought processes of…

Placemaking at the moment between times (Artists and Curator John Tung)

08 Oct 2022

In Conversation with Placemaking at the moment between times with Aik Beng Chia, Shyue Woon, Woong Soak Teng, Geraldine Kang,…

Aik Beng Chia and Gwen Lee

16 Oct 2022

In Conversation with Aik Beng Chia and Gwen Lee, on Hawaii Nights at Peace Centre.

Goh Chun Aik and Robert Zhao Renhui

01 Oct 2022

Artist Goh Chun Aik and curator Robert Zhao Renhui flock together in this guided tour of Listen… don’t ask what…

Masato Seto and Gwen Lee

24 Sep 2022

In Conversation with Japanese artist Masato Seto and curator Gwen Lee on Twinkle Memories: Binran and Picnic.

Talia Smith

18 Sep 2022

In Conversation with Talia Smith, curator of The Salt of the Earth—a group show by Dennis Golding, Edith Amituanai, Nathan…

Shyue Woon

18 Sep 2022

In Conversation with Shyue Woon on his work ‘Carpark’.

Woong Soak Teng, Geraldine Kang, and Cynthia Delaney Suwito

18 Sep 2022

In Conversation with Woong Soak Teng, Geraldine Kang, and Cynthia Delaney Suwito on their collaboration process for ‘Peace Agency’.

Elise Morin

17 Sep 2022

Take a walk through the Red Forest with Elise Morin as she guides you through the VR open-air laboratory of…

See, Snap, Story with Aik Beng Chia

16 Oct 2022

Take better photo stories with your smartphone. Learn practical tips and executive creative ideas on the ground. Prerequisite: Bring your…

Imprint with Cyanotype

09 Oct 2022

Express your creativity and create brilliant cyan prints with sunlight through a camera-less chemical process. Prerequisite: Bring used newspapers.

Space within City

22 Oct 2022

A walking tour around Selegie Road and Peace Centre with an architect and photographer Shyue Woon.

A Copy for the Future

29 Oct 2022

Craft your keepsake image for the future with analogue black & white photographs printed through a photogram process. Prerequisite: Bring…

Weekend Activity

An afternoon foray into the creative processes of image-making. Tap into your creativity and create visual stories with light, paper,…

Symposium—Photo Festivals Past, Present & Future

15 Oct 2022

There is no singular definition of a photo festival – each is a species of its own, unique and spirited….

Photo Walk – a street photography walk

08 Oct 2022 — 09 Oct 2022

Take a walk around Orchard Road and Dhoby Ghaut with Women in Street SG (WISSG), and find moments to capture….

Guided Tours for Schools

10 Oct 2022 — 27 Oct 2022

Go on a kaleidoscopic adventure with SIPF! Schools can choose between two exploration routes to gain a deeper understanding and…


29 Oct 2022

Experience an afternoon of art and photography with SIPF at 37 Emerald Hill! Immerse yourself in variety of photography activities—from…